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Welcome to ShuSha Baby

We all know the struggle of trying to keep a baby or toddler both clean and dry – whether it be during the dreaded teething phase, when exploring solids for the first time or any other occasion! Juggling a multitude of wet bibs on a daily basis can be a pain and that’s exactly why we’ve created ShuSha Baby.

Genuine leather baby bibs that are handmade in South Africa, ShuSha Baby is all about making your life as a parent, just a little bit easier. Always camera ready for the next adorable Instagram snap or as a practical item that will keep your baby clean and dry, our bibs do it all.

Our beautiful and trendy leather bibs are a unique and practical way to keep your baby clean and dry with ease. No longer will you have to wash soaking wet cotton bibs, because ShuSha Baby bibs are easy to clean and require no extra washing. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and you’re set!

Leather is both durable and easy to care for which makes it the perfect material for a baby bib. No amount of drool, spit up or baby food or cooldrink will stain your leather baby bib or leave it soaked through. In fact, our baby bibs are 80% less likely to stain when faced with regular baby foods and mess. If the bib needs to be cleaned, the process is both quick and easy, making it perfect for busy moms and dads on the go.

Created by a mom with a passion for durable products that would keep her baby dry and clean, ShuSha Baby was born. The perfect way to cut down on washing and replacing cotton bibs, ShuSha baby genuine leather baby bibs are simply the best.

Find out more about each of our products below and discover what makes ShuSha Baby bibs the very best choice for you and your bundle of joy!

Easy To


No Washing

Durable &

Hand Made In
South Africa

Local Genuine


Practical &

Shop now and spoil a loved one with the perfect unique gift!


So refreshing not having to continuously change my child’s bib! Simple wipe and it is clean.


Rating: 5

Stylish, easy to use & simple to clean. Definitely the only bib you will ever need!

Cape Town

Rating: 5

Great range of super stylish bibs, something my little girl can wear out to events and not worry about messy and wet old fashioned bibs.
Cape Town

Rating: 5
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