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About Us

Welcome to ShuSha Baby! We’re so glad you’ve decided to find out more about our stunning genuine leather baby bibs that are handcrafted in South Africa.

ShuSha Baby Bibs is handmade from genuine leather that is suitable for feeding and fun!

ShuSha Baby was created by Amália Aracena in an attempt to traverse the crazy world of being a working mom with a busy baby.
No more do you need to fight the daily battle with wet and easily-stained baby bibs, because ShuSha Baby is here to show you that there’s a simpler way!

What Makes ShuSha Baby Bibs so Special?

There are thousands of baby bibs on the market right now. Made from cotton, bamboo and even plastic, every parent needs to have a wide range of bibs in their arsenal. But that’s just the problem isn’t it? You always need a pile of regular bibs that will inevitably end up stained, dirty, and wet within minutes.

Tired of dealing with this daily struggle, Amália searched for a new approach to feeding time and that’s where the idea for a leather baby bib was born.

Durable and able to withstand any drool your baby can throw at it, leather baby bibs just make sense. They repel fluids, never need to be thrown into the washing machine and cut down on having to stock up on regular bibs ever again!

Not only are our bibs made from genuine leather, but they’re also handmade in South Africa and completely non-toxic and organic. That means they’re safe for your baby and easy on the environment.

Completely unique and simply gorgeous on any baby or toddler, ShuSha Baby bibs are trendy and great for any occasion. Even if that occasion is simply just feeding time. Add them to your list of must-have baby items and you’ll never look back!

Who Are ShuSha Baby Bibs For?

We believe that our baby bibs are the perfect gift or addition to any baby collection. Whether you’re a new parent hoping to make life just a little easier or you’re searching for a unique and trendy baby shower gift, you simply can’t go wrong with ShuSha Baby bibs!

Thanks to our range of colours currently available, no matter which bib you purchase, it will perfectly suit just about any outfit. Always camera ready for the next adorable Instagram snap or as a practical item that will keep your baby clean and dry, our bibs do it all.

Visit our products page and find out more about our beautiful genuine leather baby bibs. Purchase yours and enjoy free delivery* today!

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